Thursday, February 25, 2010

My February Ramblings

  • What is it about February and the weather that has made my kids crazy? We have had some of the oddest "lessons" lately, that I thought we had already covered, but, here I am, doing this all over again.
  • I am starting to feel that I really need a maid. Need is probably not the right word. REALLY WANT a maid. The only problem is that my home is not maid-ready. I would have to clean/organize BEFORE the maid could come and clean. Sigh. Anyone up for either of those jobs?
  • Why yes, I did just have a birthday. Milestone too. It was quite lovely, and no, I didn't cry. I don't feel old....yet. I took the kids to the House of Bounce and had friends and family all around the whole day, and ended the day with dinner with my mom, sisters, sister-in-law and new neice. We stayed out for hours, and it was just wonderful! We haven't done that in forever. I don't have any pictures of the "new me" yet, but I will do that soon. Tommy keeps making jokes that we "haven't been here since you've turned 30" or such nonsense. You know what's funny? I have a great group of friends, and I am the oldest of our group! That is just so weird to me.
  • I have been thinking about what I am going to get myself for my birthday, and am realizing that there is a theme for my gift requests. For Christmas I asked for an attachment to my Dyson vacuum for my kitchen floors (I LOVE it!). Now, I want one of those Shark steam mops to use AFTER I vaccuum. LOL I must be getting old! I just want practical gifts.
  • The snow is finally melting. It's mostly the big piles at the corners and in the front yards in our neighborhoods. Call me crazy, but I miss it. I loved seeing all the whiteness outside, and remembering the fun we had. I kind of wish it would snow again.....(ducking for cover before someone in my area throws a snowball at my head!)
  • Lent is upon us, and I have yet to begin anything. I know. It's terrible. But, to be honest, I have come to discover (in my old age) that each penitential season, I don't usually pick my own penance. God almost always sends something my way to work on, and though I may not always listen, I do notice, and really want to try. I need to help my kids understand the meaning of "giving up" for Lent, because though we had a manger and straws to do during Advent, they really didn't get it. I read a great idea from a new blog I found, and I think I would like to implement something similar. I think a trip to the craft store is in order!

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