Sunday, October 9, 2016

My Sunday Best: Fall Weather! And, What Happens When I Try To Blog 2 Days in a Row

Cool breezes and temperatures dropping means it's time for jean jackets and boots!

My Sunday best link up with Rosie, who is looking so cute!

I love when I find something that I haven't worn in a while, and makes me feel like a million bucks.  The necklace was in the bottom of my drawer, and just suited this dress perfectly.  Jean jacket is from Old Navy, boots are a staple for Sundays in the fall and winter, and my dress is called Carly, from my new mania, LuLaRoe.  I love the high-low on the dress, and I feel a bit princess-y when the wind catches it. 
(Hardest part of this Sunday link up is feeling comfortable enough to take a picture of my outfit.)

Lucy and her curls.
Daddy is away this weekend so we had Mass with one adult, and it's like the toddler has an extra sense that she needs to act up, and we had to leave Mass multiple times today. Climbing over people each way, since we were in the middle. 
At least I looked good in my Sunday Best!  :)

Donut Sunday made things a little bit better.
Until I tried to write this blog post.  A certain child decided it was the perfect time to use a sharpie. 
Here.  I was working on it for HOURS, and I don't think it will ever come out.  Oh man.  What a day it has been.



Alicia @ Sweeping Up Joy said...

You look lovely! The necklace is a nice pop of color. :) My kids were gifted some Lularoe dresses and they love them! They call them "ripple water dresses" because the way the dresses look when the girls spin. I haven't gotten any for myself. Mostly because I can't wrap my head around the pop-up boutique thing.

Oh man. If that were my floor, I'd probably just try to paint the carpet. Is that a thing? Why do kids loooooove markers so much? Or maybe I'd give everyone a couple permanent markers and try to make a whole abstract art floor thing. Solidarity!

Rosie said...

That necklace really does tie the outfit together perfectly!! I think you look adorable and not at all uncomfortable, which is a major challenge with taking these awkward pictures ;)

And ohhhh that carpet... Oh dear. We had a sharpie + carpet incident when my oldest was... 2? 3? I think we managed to get it out but I honestly can't remember how - club soda? AND carpet cleaner? AND a whole lot of elbow grease? Yikes. Good luck!!!!!

Rachael said...

shopping your own closet -- that's the best! You look adorable. I have heard so much about this LulaRoe, and my husband has heard my complaints of, "Someone else just added me to their funky print legging party on FB." But that dress makes me think I need LulaRoe in my life after all.

Hooray for fall!

Lisa said...

You look great, Fuzzy! I love that dress!

And so sorry about your carpet. Why are sharpies like a right of passage for childhood??

Lindsay said...

Ohhhh, your carpet... but that necklace is fantastic! I love the way statement necklaces turn "pieces" into an outfit.