Friday, October 7, 2016

7 Quick Takes: Saint Michael, Lucy's Birthday and More Lucy

7 Quick Takes

Linking up with Kelly for this weeks 7 quick takes! 
1).  We had the Archangels feast day on September 29, and I had this desire to wear leggings.  Little did I realize that my longing for comfort was also liturgical in nature!  Apparently, Saint Michael is the patron of leggings.  We don't often celebrate feast days, but both Lucy and I were happy to participate.
2). The newest Reynolds grandbaby had a Baptism, and sweet Joanna is lucky enough to have Tommy as Godfather. 
3). I sent a text to my local family to let them know that we were doing cake on Sunday for Lucy.  I had a small cake, and some ice cream.  I am not one for big parties anymore for little kids.  It's more fun just getting family together if you can to let the grownups talk.  I didn't think more than a handful would come, but was TOTALLY thrilled that ALL of them came!  I have 5 siblings local, and they came with their kids and so much joy to celebrate Lucy.  It was a quick visit, but absolutely perfect. I was so touched that they wanted to come and be together, but especially for my little "Light."
These boys are soo sweet with her. 

We would ask Lucy if she was having a birthday, and her response would be "cake."  She was excited for the cake, but I think in all her joy of the day she wasn't even ready to eat it!  (Walmart was selling cake mixes for a $1!  I didn't stock up, but I should have!)
4).  Lucy loves Barbie.  We watch the Barbie Princess movies, (something I implemented as soon as the kids started to go to school.  Ninjago and Lego Batman were out while I was exercising.  It was time for some girly movies!) and she was so excited with her new gifts. 

This photo is one of my favorites. 
5).  Because it is still Lucy's birthday week, I will give you more Lucy love.

6).  Some James school quotes, which I love.
"I don't like coloring, but I know I have to do it, so I do."  (insert heart emoji!)
"I want to be on K2 Superstar so I don't do anything wrong during the day."
(His teacher told me that he doesn't say ANYTHING in school, so of course he can focus on his work, and is on K2 superstar.  Which will involve a prize so who wouldn't want that??)
He comes home and wants to do homework right away.  I love it.  I know it won't last forever, but that sweet boy has so much joy!
7).  We are back in our busy routine of meetings, camping and workout nights.  My handsome husband works so hard, and I know he could use a pick me up.  We did enjoy the shooting range, but that can get expensive.  I want to be able to do date nights, but it's tough to schedule them, as well as find a good babysitter.  Patrick is technically old enough to watch the little guys, but I don't think I am ready to leave all 5 of them for a few hours.  And, though the older ones are self-sufficient and don't need the sitting, it is still expensive for all 5.  I know.  We are in the trenches and will be for a while, but it's so hard to be sure that we are making time for "us" in this busy life.  

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