Thursday, September 1, 2016

Patrick. Teenager. !!!

No, I didn't forget to post about my oldest entering teenage years.  I perhaps was in denial?  Yes.  More than likely.  If I don't document it, it didn't happen?  Right? 

Well, like it or not, my oldest is 13.  He will be confirmed this year, and continue on in his journey at Seton and finding his path towards Heaven.  Some days he even mentions that he will be a priest.  :)  My heart is happy to hear that he even thinks of that as an option, and I pray he finding his vocation in life.
Happy Birthday to the boy who loves to hike, try new foods, and play board games.

My son who doesn't like cake, loves ice cream, and asked for Indian Nut Bars and wings for his birthday celebration.  His cousin joined us to celebrate on is day, and he chose "Hoosiers" for us to watch. 

My Assumption baby, my first born, my big-hearted child, who even asked to learn how to change Lucy's diapers so he could help me more.  He loves games, but especially card games, new ones, and ones that he can take to school to play with his friends at recess, when he's not up for basketball.
We love you, our best Patrick!! 

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