Thursday, August 18, 2016

William's Birthday

Well, I spoke too soon.  As soon as I was done with my pity party, my husband stepped in and took off half a week to be with us and planned some amazing outings. But first:

William turned 8!

He was my first child to ask for a home cooked meal specifically for his birthday.  With all the kids usually asking to go out to eat, (which we did for lunch at Red Robin so they would sing to him) it touched me very deeply to have him ask ME to cook!  Did he eat it?  No, but it was the thought that counts.  :)
We got our first pets in the house!  An ant farm!  It is fascinating to watch the ants dig and move the habitat/food around in the container.  (amazon prime rocks!)  There is even a little light to help us see them even better.
Happy Birthday, my Sweet William.  I think I will call you that forever. 

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