Friday, June 3, 2016

Lucy 20 months

 Lucy is such a stinker.  She talks up a storm.  She answers all of your questions and will go look for whatever you ask her to find. She is VERY clear about what she wants and does NOT want.  Some days she is so very almost 2. 
She loves things that are "pretty" especially her dresses and skirts, and all of mommy's jewelry.  It is "prebby" and just adorable to hear.  We have even painted her toenails!  And she will watch her toes while she walks afterwards. 
She climbs on everything, and my big fear is that she will learn to climb out of the crib too soon!  All step stools, chairs, and even the stairs when she can get around the gate.
I love her curls.  I love how the little ringlets bounce when walks, and some days she has a little one that will sit right in the middle of her forehead.
 It is adorable to hear her get excited and say "Daddy!" when the garage door is heard.  Or her little voice tell the kids "bye!" when it's time for them to get out of the car for school. 
Music is so much fun with her, and she knows all the prayers, though she won't actually say the words, she will do all the proper motions, and sometimes will mouth the words.

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