Thursday, June 23, 2016

James is 5!

"I want to invite Father Lee to my birthday."
"Well, okay you have to invite him yourself."
He marched right up to our pastor, and told him all about his big day coming.  It was about 2 weeks before the big day, so he had time to plan.  A Tuesday night, for a pastor of the largest parish in the diocese, we didn't think he would come, but I made sure he knew he was VERY welcome.  We were so excited when Father said he would join us!
We had a very full day on James' June 14 birthday.  We helped sing at the "Golden Agers" Mass (aka seniors Mass), and Father Lee said Mass then as well.  After Mass, he asked everyone to sing Happy Birthday to our sweet boy!  James was overwhelmed, but it was adorable.
Father asked if we could include the seminarian staying at our parish in our dinner as well, and after doing a quick mental calculation of how much meat we had to include another man's appetite, I said of course!  As a mom of boys, of course I want more interaction with seminarians.

We had a WONDERFUL time, though it was quick.  There was so much laughter, and we knew Father was from a large family, and we made sure the visitor Daniel was too. 
The light saber battles didn't phase our guests much, and the dinner and cake went over so well.


A special birthday blessing and they were off.  We hope they will come back soon!  James was floating through the day and loves being 5. 


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