Friday, June 5, 2015

A Special Scout Award

Our Diocese of Arlington has a special Scout award that my boys have worked hard to get as a Tiger Scout called the Guardian Angel Award.  My husband is in charge of the Religious Emblem program for the Cub Scouts, and we love the program.
 It was a lovely Mass with our Parish, said by our wonderful parish priest Father Melmer.  He has been the chaplain for our scouts for 5 years.  He does all the interviews for these awards, and shares such lovely stories and laughter with them.  Every year, Tommy is thrilled to sit with these boys and help them along in their spiritual life.

 I thought for sure I had some old Patrick and Fr. Melmer photos, but I must not have blogged them.  *gasp*  How dreadful! 

William and Grandma.  Papa and Mani were there but did not wait for cake after the (very hot) ceremony.

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