Monday, May 4, 2015

Popping In

Can you believe April has gone by us?  I am not ready for the crazy month of May.  No matter what I try to do, every year that month just goes haywire.  I am glad it's the last full month of school for the kids (!!), but we have to start planning summer, potential camps, etc.  Goodness, I am not ready.

Though I am sure none of you are eagerly checking my blog every day, I feel I must do a little apology (because that's what I am good at doing.).  I have dug myself in a hole, and a little like an ostrich, have put my head in.  I don't get out much, I don't see many people, except my kids, and I have become a little overwhelmed with some things.  It's nothing in particular, but it just seems like I am still going so slowly through things.  I want so much to blog, but sometimes it has been easier to post a quick IG photo and short blip and move on.  (Bloggers, if I was to add an IG badge or slide show to my blog, how would I do that??)  It's not like we don't have anything going on, on the contrary.  Did I mention that my sweet husband is now the Scout Master in our Boy Scout troop, and recently welcomed over 15 new scouts??  The troop has doubled in size, and my heart is so happy when these parents tell me they came to the troop BECAUSE my Tommy is there.  :)  Wow.  But, he not only gets the great kids, the parents are ready to help and they are uh-mazing.  It makes camping and activities just so much more fun.  (No, I am not camping.  I won't use the word "never," but it will take quite a bit to get me going to sleep, hang out and cook in the great outdoors)

But, anwho, we are here.  Potty-training (!), starting solid foods, and trying to feel like we are a family unit, and dealing with some pre-teens in the house.  Oh yes, I said PLURAL.  Sigh.  We could use some encouraging prayers and words. 

On a positive note, James has discovered his independence in some areas.  I love to see how quickly it happened.  He now wants to dress himself, because he can, do his own teeth, pick his own outfits, and do those fun things I have been trying to have him do for a while.  With the independence of the potty, he has opened a new door.  He just put on his shoes by himself the other day! I love watching this. 

And, I have to itch to decorate.  We still have blank walls, and are still slow on hanging things, but I have this urge to hang.  Not that I will do it anytime soon, but it needs to be done.  I found some straggling pictures in the basement and realized we need more interest on the walls.  Anyone got a really tall ladder for my 2 level family room walls??  Got a fan that needs dusting too.

Someday, we will feel very settled. 

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