Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mary's Getting Married!

You know what's wonderful?  Getting to host a party.  But I was especially excited to help Mary prepare her kitchen for married life by helping my injured MIL with a Pampered Chef bridal shower.  I made some of my favorites for the food, and came up with this centerpiece on my own.  Take that, Pinterest!   
 13 years ago, my MIL gave my a PC bridal shower and it was wonderful to have such a well-stocked kitchen when I got married.  I think most of the ladies that came to this shower came to mine, all those years ago.
 All the sisters and sisters-in-law helped me plan this in a couple weeks, after my MIL hurt her leg, and it came out so wonderful. 
 The guests all signed a tablecloth that belonged to Grandma Carol with well-wishes and love.  Mac said to "share the food."  LOL 

 Mary knows how to Whip up a good meal.  She helped make a yummy fajita salad.

 Mary's wish list was displayed on a board and we could pull off what she wanted to add to our order.
 Games were done by super creative Pam and her girls, always so willing to give.
 There was a blue theme going for the day. 
We are so excited for the happy couple!

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Lisa said...

LOVE the centerpiece, and such a cute idea for the tablecloth!