Thursday, October 16, 2014

Slowly Back to (the new) Normal

I know there is always a reason to see some sweet baby pictures, and enjoy some of that sweet face, but I wanted to give all my wonderful prayer warriors a quick update on me.

My nephrostomy tube is out!  I was not able to get it out while I was in the hospital with the baby (a big disappointment) but about 10 days later.  I do have some kidney stones which will need to be blasted or removed somehow, but I asked for a little break, and to wait a little.  I am so tired of doctor visits, medical bills, and being out of commission for my kids.  It is WONDERFUL to not have anything sticking out of me, and I was super excited to wear pants in public, without worrying about how to cover up the bag attached to my leg.  When I came home, I put James on my lap: both legs!  He had been asking when he could sit on my left leg and fit on my lap without the baby in my tummy and it was a thrill to see how excited he was.  And, on top of that, the removal process went well, with no pain, no anesthesia and even some tears of relief.  Yes, hormones are still acting up, but not nearly as much as before. It also means I am able to start sleeping in my favorite position, on my left side.  Oh, how I missed that!

I am recovering pretty well from my C-section, and have had Tommy home for 2 weeks, and though I wish I could say I was being good and taking it easy, but I have done a little too much, and was told to take it easy so I don't get an infection.  Tommy will be heading back to work and I am trying not to panic.  Can I do this?  I know I can, with God's help!  (Jesus, I trust in YOU!)

And, in other little thing news, I can wear my wedding rings again, as well as my watch, which is slipping down my wrist a little more.  I don't have to wear flip flops for my extra swollen feet, and I can put my cute shoes back on.  Now, my cute clothes are another story, but it's still early.  I am not dumb enough to try to put a pair of my favorite jeans on just yet, though I would love to be in a pair soon!

And, because I can.


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