Thursday, October 23, 2014

Just Get Along!

 This afternoon, these two needed to just get along.  Please!  Just get along! I asked for something so simple, and it turned into a ridiculous event.  Embarrassing, yelling, in the yard, whole-neighborhood-can-hear-you-and-I-can-hear-you-in-the-house.  Ugh.
 After some tears (mine) and some fussing (me again), I decided they needed some extra togetherness and work-togetherness. I was not sure how this would work out, but as soon as I put it on them, they got excited.
I sent them to collect the garbage in the house, and to just GET ALONG!  This instantly brought them to giggles, and sweet words, and they were so silly and happy to do this together.  I didn't hear anymore fighting, and they really worked it out.  Why haven't I done this before??  Apparently, some of those things you see on Facebook are good for something!

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Lisa said...

So funny! Love the get along shirt. :)