Monday, May 26, 2014

What Makes Me Smile

Flowers.  I love flowers!  This spring, I am so aware of all the flowers blooming!  We have incredible rhododendrons on the side of our house.  FABULOUS bushes!
 These are peonies - LOVE them!  The fragrance, the happy-ness of the flowers is just awesome.  And guess what??  My husband just purchased a peony bush, and I can't wait until we have our own in our garden, in front of our house!
 Family time.  We spent some time with Tommy's family this weekend, and it has been too long.  To see the kids all playing outside and happy. 
 My Patrick.  He is a nervous Nelly around fires and fire pits.  This view of him trying to roast his marshmallow and being soo careful.  I know that sooner or later my boys are going to be all about things that would not be okay, so this stage still makes me happy.
 My silly James.  He is always saying the funniest things, always ready for a "SNUGGLE!", saying "Please" and "Thank you" so much that it may make up for all the times the other kids don't say it.
 Seeing the talents of my sister!  A First Communion in the family and my sister shared her gifts with him.  I love the quote from Saint John Paul II at the bottom.  Her abilities are incredible!  (I have a list of prayers, famous quotations, and different things that I would love to see in my home.  It's always lovely!)

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