Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

In between replacing the sink and faucet, we had the annual Thanksgiving luncheon at the kids' school.  There was a record number of 900 RSVP's to the lunch!  That was parents, kids, siblings, and grandparents.

 The lunch is always delicious, and because we have 3 kids at the school, we stay for quite a long time (3 different lunches! We only eat once, though).  James enjoys the videos on my cell phone to pass the time, and to keep him in his seat.
 William had his first luncheon at the school with his grandparents!
 I don't have any camera proof, but the big kids were there too.  I did take pictures, but I think it decided it wasn't going to let me use them.  Maybe it's trying to tell me it needs to be retired, and I need a better camera.  ;)
 On our Thanksgiving day, we had a joyful time with all of our family!  We had family from Nebraska (Emma was in heaven because they have 5 girls!!) and almost all the family from here.  32!
 My pinterest inspired centerpiece.  I tried not to get too crazy.
 And, if you can believe it, we had seats for every.single.person.  At a table!  There were the middle kids, super fun.
 The little kids (and a grown up too).
 The grown-ups (somebody made me sit there because it was my house or something.  I would have been happy sitting with the...
 Big kids!! 
 And, here is the view from above.  I am super excited!  We are so blessed with my house being so flexible, and when we had celebrations here last year, we had no idea that it could be this great!
 The funniest part of the night was the number of superheros that were in my house.

 Every time I turned around, there was someone else in costume!

Tommy was the absolute best, because he made the turkey!  I didn't even have to try!  He is like his dad who always cooks for the big feasts.  Can you believe how lucky I am to have married someone this handsome, AND cooks?!
And, in case you were wondering, it was absolutely AWESOME doing dishes in my new sink!  I didn't even mind!

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