Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Do you know the best time to do a little DIY?

Why, the week of Thanksgiving, of course!  The same week you are having 32 family members at your house for said holiday!

 I went under the sink after Patrick had done the dishes, and found everything all wet!  We were pretty sure it was the faucet, so Tommy got underneath and started to remove it.  It was not an easy task, as it was extremely rusty and it was all stuck.  So, guess what?  I got an early Christmas present!  
 See the big hole?  I got a new SINK!!!!  Standard size sinks are 8 inches.  Did you know that?  Did you know that in my "gourmet kitchen" with double ovens and tons of cabinets, we had a 6 inch sink?!  No wonder everything would get super wet!
So, a trip or two (or three) to Lowe's, a Jamaican salesman who teased me about the sink choice: (Tommy wanted one big sink, I liked the double) "Women, they like their options", a little elbow grease, a few new pipes, 
 a really good looking plumber,
And the help of someone who can fit under the disposal and has small fingers, and boom!  We have a new sink that is 9 inches!!!!!!
ISN'T IT JUST GORGEOUS!!!!!  I love it!  Best gift EVER!!!  Isn't my husband the best??

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