Thursday, October 10, 2013

Grandma Reynolds Update

Hello to all my prayer warrior friends!  I wanted to give a quick update about my MIL.  She was having a lot of trouble breathing, blue lips, and just very uncomfortable.  She went to the hospital last week, and they decided to keep her, and to move her surgery date up.  She had valve replacement surgery on Tuesday and everything went really well!  The cardiologist said the MRSA infection she contracted last time caused a hole in her valve.  Tommy spent the day at the hospital, and  was able to see her when she finally woke up.  In true Mom Reynolds fashion, she woke up asking about everyone else: the nurses (that she knew by name), the grand kids and the kids of our favorite nurse who is also a Knight of Columbus and a friend of the family.  She was able to leave ICU yesterday and was sitting up and eating.  The nurses have put in all precautions for MRSA again, since she had it last time, though she has been tested and re-tested to be sure she was without risk before this surgery.  She is such an amazing woman, and touches so many lives with her love and goodness, and I am just overwhelmed by the love that has been poured out for her.  We are still praying for a swift and safe recovery!  Thank you for all your prayers!

ETA: She is home!  God is so good!  She came home on Sunday, 10/13!  Pink cheeks and pink lips!  We are so relieved!

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