Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday, Early October, Health, and Family

My mother-in-law's surgery has been moved up to next week since she has been having trouble with fluid around her lungs.  We are very nervous, and appreciate all the prayers.

October is upon us, and the kids and I have no idea what we are going to do about costumes.  We have to have them a little earlier since we are doing some Halloween partying early.  It's a little easier when they are little, and don't really care what you put them in.  Unfortunately, I think even James will have a say in what he wants to wear.  He is so very two.

We live in the DC area, and my husband works for the government.  The government shut down has given my husband some extra time to do some jobs around the house.  He has cleaned the house, organized the garage, cleaned up the basement, and has been chopping up the huge tree that fell on his parent's garage to give them firewood for the winter.  The next job he will have may be Mr. Mom if I can go to work next week and make some money to pay the bills.  

We had a family photo session!  We have not done anything like that in about 2 years!  The kids were super cute and I think we got one good enough to actually put on the wall.  This is a  really big deal, especially in our new house.  When I finally put it on the wall, I will share it with you.  I don't want to spoil Christmas cards either.  :)

I have gone to volunteer at the school a few times, and this cute little girl in William's class (who is one of his "best friends") always asks me, "Are you SURE you're William's Mommy?"  I must be doing something different with something, since I recently went to a party at a friend's house and a young girl asked me if I was the babysitter.  I'm sure when I am older I will appreciate those comments.  Maybe.

Sigh.  To have the problems of an 8-year-old.  Emma came home yesterday and said she is having troubles at school.  She has too many friends and doesn't know who she should hang out with.  Huh.  I wish I had those problems when I was in 3rd grade.  We tried to tell her it is a good thing and, and to be friends with everyone, and be sure they are ones the bring her to Jesus, but, oh my.  She is so much like her Daddy. 

We are still waiting on a date for my sister's surgery.  It may be a while, but we are so glad that the doctors are taking care of her.  My father-in-law's surgery went well, thank you!

(I realize these are VERY quick takes, but I am very distracted.  Lots going on and I hope to keep the kids busy and doing homework with 3 kids.  It's time for the saint projects to start coming in!)

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