Thursday, September 5, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Camping Edition


Patrick, Emma and Tommy went camping this past weekend for the family event at the local Scout camping grounds.  Since they had rain on and off all weekend, they got some beautiful rainbows!  Their hikes were lovely, and I think this photo captures the beauty of God around them.

Our very own Robin Hood, who nearly split his arrows was the reigning archery champion!

It's so funny to me the way these kids act when the camera comes out.  The great news is that all the kids passed their swim tests and were able to enjoy aquatic time.  

 The real part of the trip with all the clouds and the rain that came every day, according to Tommy.  Ugh.
And, when you send your only daughter camping with Daddy, he doesn't always make sure that your girl looks her best.  She admitted to me that she only brushed her hair one time that weekend.  Well, not that we can tell or anything.......

round button chicken
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