Friday, July 12, 2013

Busy, busy July

I realize that this month of July is only about half over, but the amount of family and fun that we have packed into these weeks will be remembered for such a long time.

My brother and his family arrived at the beginning of the month.  He has 5 beautiful and sweet girls that just seem to bring out the best in each of the kids in this area.  I realized that my kids seem to be the most similar in ages, and that made for great bonding!  It has been such a special family time to be with them, and to have all my children just as happy to see them.  They drove from Vermont to visit, and only planned on one week, and by the second day they were here, decided to prolong their stay an extra week, to include my Dad's (real) 70th birthday!  My heart has been so full, and the tears that were shed when the goodbyes began were not only from the kids.  It is such a blessing to have our family close, and a little of our hearts left with those girls and went to Vermont with them.  I am going to share just a snippet of the photos that were taken, and they will not do justice to these weeks.

This picture only shows part of the grandchildren with Papa and Mani for his birthday.  We have 29 grandchildren in our family!

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