Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy 70th, Dad!

 Our family came all together to celebrate my Dad's birthday, a little early.  All 7 kids were together, the last time that happened was 8 years ago!  We had a slide show on the TV with photos of my Dad and family, as well as a digital frame.  We had photos everywhere, and it was so neat to see it all!
 My home was transformed by a caterer (yep, caterer.  So we could all relax!) and I had no idea my home could be so full of people and not feel full.  I attempted some Pinterest ideas for centerpieces, and they looked pretty good for most of the party.

 The baby in the photo on the far right is me!  :)

 We had time before the guests came to just enjoy the family.  Dad wanted just a few of his friends and we were so happy to celebrate with them.
 Yep, that's my kitchen, totally transformed!

 Lovely toasts by my brother, and brother-in-law.

 We decided it was time to at least do a family photo of all 9 of us, because we were just missing one spouse and 5 grandkids.  I think our family is very good looking, but I'm not biased at all.  We hired a local young lady to come and help us with our family photo, and these are not hers, but we are super excited for hers!

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