Sunday, August 12, 2012

William's 4!

 My sweet William is 4!  We had a busy day starting with Mass, breakfast with the grandparents
 and House of Bounce with cousins, friends from school and extended family.
 Then we had a very slow lunch at Wendy's with gifts and cupcakes.
 I forgot the matches, but he was a really good sport.
 He blew out the "candle" and was so sweet about it.  I love the expression on his cousin's face, as he doesn't quite get it.
 We made sure to do it right after dinner.

You are the most amazing 4 year old that I know!  I can't believe how much love you have in your heart for Jesus and your siblings.  You are so smart, and each time you start to ask me a question, I get excited because I never know what is coming up next.  We are so happy to have you, and I can't imagine a day without your happy smile. 

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Jennifer Gregory Miller said...

That cousin understood! He just looks like that when he's watching everything.

Thanks for having us, we had fun.