Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our Beach Trip

Virginia beach, here we come!  This is the first beach trip for the younger two kids, but the first trip that the big kids will remember.  They were SO excited!

William loved the sand.  He literally sat down immediately and began digging and building as soon as we stepped onto the beach.  We tried to tell him that he had to wait until we got closer to the water.  He was hilarious.  We had to pry the shovel out of his hands  to get him in the water, and then we couldn't get him out. 
Daddy (the one in red) took the kids in the water to ride the waves.  I think Patrick was happier a little closer in, but he really enjoyed riding the surf.  He got really brave and I was so proud of him. 
James ate about 3 meals that day on the beach.  They all consisted of sand, with a side of salt water, and a bit more sand, sand (sand sand sand sand sandity sanddd!!! Monty Python) and just a little more sand. 

It was very crowded the first day we were there, as you can see.  We only stayed one night, and it seemed to be just perfect.
William, as you can guess, had absolutely no fear.  He would see Daddy way out in the water, and just start to walk out toward him.  The waves would smack him down, and he would just keep on going.  Scared me, as I am sitting on the towel holding James, and watching Patrick move to the left out of my line of vision, Daddy going too far that he can't hear me, and James trying to crawl away.  Emma was off making new friends and sand castles. 

Mommy realized that she is not so good at the sunscreen application department.  There is a very unusual white pattern that appears on my nose, shoulders, and back.  No, I promise those white spots are not a rash, but just the area that I thought I sprayed. 
I love this photo of William.  So happy and in his own world, full of sand and fun.
I thought it was the coolest thing ever that the Naval fighter pilot jets would fly over all day long.  And it's that really cool sound, that, by the time you hear it and look up, the jet is long gone.  God bless our military!!!  I still get goosebumps just thinking about that sound.

It was so hard to get a good video with all the people at the beach.  But I loved watching Emma's terrified look and William's look of thrill.

A little ice cream and a live street performer was a great way to end the day.  Those are whips.  On fire.

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Jennifer Gregory Miller said...

So Cute! I love Emma's suit. Very sweet.