Monday, February 6, 2012

Pinewood Derby Races

This year's derby was so busy with Tommy helping to set up, and then me helping to judge that I barely got photos of the day. Here are a few hightlights.
Most Well-Engineered car! Cubmaster Waddy had a huge list of car categories for all the boys to win some kind of award. It was REALLY hard to pick the best of each, and to make you feel like you picked the right car for it. I felt a bit unsure about some of them, but when it came time for the awards, the Cubmaster was amazing in his description of the car relating to the award. I was so impressed each time he brought a boy up and made him feel so special.
His cousins came to watch the races, and though they missed Patrick's crack-of-dawn-saturday-morning race, they still enjoyed all the fun.

Cole's Tread Assault, from Lego Ninjago.
I was lucky enough to be one of the judges! I promise, no nepotism involved. I loved seeing all the neat cars. They boys worked really hard on theirs.
He won 2 of his 3 races. So proud of him!
These are cars from the 3G division: Geezers, Guppies and Gals (IOW, the parents and siblings division). Tommy/William's car is Finn McMissile on the far right.


Jason and Katie Rinker said...

Gosh your kids are adorable!!!!

Carole in Wales said...

I loved the Pine Car Derby. So much fun for the whole family. And you got to judge. I am sure you did a great job. I really like Patrick's car. So original!