Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's only Tuesday

Well, hello there! And how is your week going? Mine is just starting, but I keep checking the calendar to see if it really is only Tuesday, because it feels like it's GOT to be Friday. Please! Oh, and what has been happening here? Well, let me tell you. Not a lot of sleep, first of all. James has decided that an hour and a half is his maximum sleep requirement at one period of time, and that is mostly at nighttime. Oh yes, it's been interesting. I'm a bit foggy this week, but who am I kidding? I have 4 kids! What's that line? "I'll sleep when I'm dead." LOL Soo does not apply to me.

Last night, William (who has not sat in his seat for a whole meal at ALL lately) decided, in the middle of dinner, that he was going to wear underwear. Now, I thought it would be just a phase, but he took his diaper off, put the Lightening McQueen underwear on and put his pants back on. All by himself. I decided I would humor him, a bit, so we did some potty trips. About 50, in the course of about 3 hours. I kid you not. Each time, he actually went wet. And he even told me when he needed to go. I thought, okay, it must be time to do this and I need to just let him take the lead. Okay, no biggie. Put him to bed in a pull-up (to the tune of "I just don't like this bed!!!" Seriously?!?! Stalling tactics,) knowing that he would probably not keep it dry, but thought, we'll see what tomorrow brings. Sure enough, wet pull-up. But, he says he's ready to try. My ONE rule I give him: DO NOT GO IN THE BASEMENT. Oh yes, that's his "go stinky" area. No bathroom down there, and I can't watch him as well. "Okay, mommy." What does he do?? You saw this coming, I know. We are walking out the door to take the kids to school, and he asks me to change his diaper. Oh man. No sleep momma was NOT happy. So, the guilt is back, and I am not going to attempt this issue until I can devote at least a whole day to it. Sigh.

While I was up with James at the wee hours of the morning, I hear talking in the big kid's room. Um, what?! So in I go, and apparently, Patrick had gotten up at 3AM, thought it was 6 and started to get dressed. That sweet boy was being so obedient, but at the wrong hour. He woke Emma too, and she's not a morning person, so that was interesting.

Emma's newest thing is to wake up and hang out in her room. She will not get dressed until the last.possible.minute. and then says it's my fault for her not being able to do all her morning chores. Whatever. Our mornings are not the most calm when it comes to the young lady in the house. (On a side note, could you add a prayer or two for my Emma? I think we need to have some things change around here, and I need some guidance to make it better. TIA!)

And one more thing. My home has been overrun with the newest mania, Lego Ninjago. Have you heard of it? Well, if you come to my house, William and Patrick will tell you all the names and show you all about it. Oh, and apparently it's pronounced Nin-JA-go. Patrick has never really been into Legos, so I am happy he is enjoying this. He's not a fan of putting the things BACk together, once he has put them together and they come apart, so he asked me to super glue them together. Really? I guess I can do that. Of course he wants me to put it together too. LOL He is all involved in this, and has even done a power point presentation about the ninjas. Let me say that again: Patrick has a power point presentation about all of them. He started it all on his own and has done a pretty cool job. His computer class is teaching him way more than the typing tutor that I did at my school, all those years ago.
So, that's my week so far. I'm sure there will be more to tell. How's your week going? Oh, and have I mentioned that I totally lose myself on Pinterest??? Yeah, I know. Join the club.

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