Friday, July 1, 2011

Anyone else want to say it?

Now's the time. Really, go ahead. It seems to be the theme these days.

I looked bad. It's okay. You can tell me now that I've had the baby. I looked as sick and as bad as I felt. I knew everyone was lying to me. "Oh, you look so good." Baloney. I just had 2 people tell me that I look so much better now that I have had James. "I saw you that one time and you really, well, I was really worried about you." Which, on one hand is good. Means they were praying for me. But now they say I look much better. Hmm. Back-handed, but good. I am happy to hear that I look so much better. I guess. It's hard to know how to take that. But, I do know that I feel better. So, thanks.

I think.

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