Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby Days

We are all here, and doing well. The baby is gaining weight, and I am losing sleep, as most newborn moms will say. This little man likes to be held, and is not too happy when he is put down, so it's really nice to have visitors who are willing to hold this little man. William is soo sweet with him, and calls him "Mommy's baby" or "your baby" when he talks to me. The big kids are adjusting to summer vacation and enjoying Daddy's staycation, but are so helpful and sweet.
James is 12 days old! We went to Mass as a family today, and we did okay. Well, unless you count that I forgot baby-sized diapers and had to put the baby in a William-sized diaper during Mass. LOL

I can't figure out who he looks like, but I do know he is one of my kids. :) Definitely.
James and James!
Papa, who was one of my longest hospital visitors.
Grandma Reynolds.
Mani, who always makes babies feel snuggly and warm. (Anthony is my mother's maiden name, and his feast day is Monday, June 13.)

I am happy to be holding this baby in my arms, and I think my body is happy to not be pregnant. I am in a LOT less pain, and ready for the last few issues to be resolved. The doctor found a large kidney stone that they are going to laser out this week. Unfortunately, I have to go under again, but I am hoping the stent as well as the stone will come out this week. Those are the last hurdles (I think) to getting me back to feeling better, and I am so excited to be almost there!

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