Monday, March 28, 2011

  • William was helping me close the door in the car, and he looks at me and says "Be safe!"

  • Emma came home from school and had a special hat on with the words "Angel of the Day." She was the best behaved at Mass today. I am so proud of her!

  • Patrick just came up to me and asked to go to confession again. It's only been a few weeks, but I am proud of him for not being afraid or too nervous. Grace is so awesome!

  • William has decided to name the baby. He comes up to my belly and talks to him, saying "Good night, Mario." We keep telling him we are not going to name our baby after a video game character, but I don't think he quite gets it.

  • We happened upon a yard sale the other day, and William very excitedly brought me something. He was in the baby toy section and said "Look, Mommy, Angry Birds!"

      • Patrick has been so generous lately. Without any prompting he shared his special St. Patrick's day treasures with his brother and sister, and gave up a very special toy to his cousin. I was SUPER proud of how unselfish he's been, and I *hope* it will continue.

      • Emma told me that they did a volcano drill at school today. Patrick rolled his eyes and said "tor-na-do" drill. I thought it was so funny that she called it that, but Patrick was not going to let anyone say that without correction. Silly boy.

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