Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas Eve Mass, and the only photo I could get of the kids.
Then we put the kids to bed too late after reading lots of Christmas stories. Patrick was up very early the next morning (he admitted the clock had a "3" on it!), and tried to wake us ("I'm lonely downstairs") a few hours later, which should have given us the first clue. What woke me was the noise of the toys that I had just wrapped the night before. He decided he had been up long enough - during which he made piles for everyone of their gifts - and unwrapped all his presents. I will say that was not my finest hour - of the morning or of my motherhood - and poor Patrick will never do that again, I'm pretty sure. We did try to salvage the day, and we started all over.

William put baby Jesus in the manger after giving him a kiss, which I missed.

William would ask with each present when we started, before anyone opened it, "Do you know what it is?"
This he made at school for us. It's a really big tile!

William had a theme for his gifts: All about Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story. He didn't seem to mind very much. We had a great day, full of family and fun, and most especially a nap for Patrick and some time with family, a new Disney sing-along game, and some more Just Dance.
ETA: We found out later that Tommy's brother's girls got up and opened all the presents in the morning. Apparently, it runs on the Reynolds side.

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