Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Writer

"Mommy, how do you spell....." is the beginning of most things asked by Emma. She LOVES to write. I am so impressed with how well she is doing. You won't see her going many places without a pencil and paper.
We met with her teacher and she told us that Emma is totally prepared for this year, and she is doing great. She also told us of how she is working to challenge her in higher levels (YAY!). It felt soo good hearing that, since we did Kindergarten with her last year (and she is reading some words at 6th grade level!) and I hoped she would be excelling.
Emma enjoys writing, and we have given her this book to be the author and the illustrator for her stories (which remind me of Twitter postings - "I am at Miss Susan's house"). The only downside is that she is so eager to write, that if she has a desire, she will write on ANYTHING. Paper, mail, floor, fridge....oh yes. I did say fridge. In a RED SHARPIE. I was so worried it wouldn't come off, but with a LOT of scrubbing, it rubbed off. Otherwise, we would have had Emma's name on there as a reminder to all of us when she was in her writing stage. Yes, I know. This too shall pass. But right now I am going to channel that energy to keep her skills up.

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