Saturday, November 6, 2010

November Rambles

  • There's nothing like working in a new office to give you a slice of humble pie. My work added a second location and it was my first time there last week. I opened every.single.drawer in that office at least 100 times that day. I turned the corner, and turned OFF the lights in the operatory, while my boss was working on a patient and in the process of trying to turn them back ON, turned more off. I went in the wrong door too many times to count, and had to ask more questions than this 13 year veteran should be asking. Needless to say, I came home exhausted, embarrassed and sheepish. I felt like it was my first 3 months of work again, except for the fact that I KNEW what I was doing, but just didn't feel like it.

  • Did I mention that Thanksgiving is at MY house this year? We have family coming in from DH's side, and I am so happy that we get to have us together again. One of Tommy's brothers is being deployed again (3rd time!) so we are so happy to see him before he goes again. It is actually one of the first years (that I can remember) that all the Reynolds are in the states for a holiday. I'm sure I'm wrong. LOL

  • So, Patrick. Strep. AGAIN. Sigh. Not sure what to say about it, but that poor little guy. When he gets it, it makes him vomit. I am ALWAYS sure that it's a stomach bug, so I give him the whole BRAT diet, limit food, fluids, etc. You would think I would figure it out, but nooo, I am a dunce and keep expecting that it's NOT strep. The doctor says that it takes 7 times in one year to talk about a tonsillectomy, and we are on 3 (or 4) this year. Maybe one of us in the house is a carrier? We can test that at the doctor's so I am ON that! Not sure what happens if we are, but we'll keep taking it one step at a time. What am I doing wrong? How can I get rid of this in my home?? If I'm not careful, I'm going to start thinking I'm a bad mommy.......oh wait. I've already gone there.

  • I thought that having uniforms for the kids would slow down my laundry duties. The mount Neverest has seemed to grow exponentially lately. Anybody want to come help for a couple days, see if I can catch up? I can promise, my undying gratitude! Seriously, I am not sure how I could thank a person willing to help me with something they already have to do for themselves.
  • I am so happy! My kids got their first report cards today, and they are doing so well! I am sooo relieved, proud and grateful for this school year. Thank you, Lord!

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