Sunday, September 19, 2010


William is a very verbal child, and not only is he talkative, he is easy to understand. He knows how to tell us what he is thinking, will use the proper pronouns ("are you awake?" "I am") and, in general, amazes us every day. We went for a 2 year check up for him, and it was the first time that I had an appointment where the child answered every question from the doctor (favorite fruit, favorite food). She started to ask him all the 3 year old questions too (counting, colors, jumping) and was equally amazed with him. She asked him what song he knows and what song he would like to sing? He immediate response: "Hot and cold." Ack. How about we sing the baseball song we were singing in the car? (the 7th inning stretch) He was easily distracted by that and obliged, but it did have me worried.

Another thing William does on cue is those one-liners. The kids are always shouting "HEY!" about something and I have a response that is supposed to distract them. William has picked up on that and gives it right to them. "Hay's in the barn." One time Patrick was saying something that he wanted, and William sang to him "You can't always get what you want." I have even heard him tell Emma to "Pick a winner!" when she is knuckle deep in her nose. That kid. Too funny.

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