Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thoughts from my week

It is a very sad thing when the pediatrician's office knows you by name. It could be considered a good thing to hear the tone of recognition on the phone, as well as when you walk in the door. It is not, however, a good thing when it is because of how often they see you. I spent most of my week taking my kids to the doctor's office to be told that we are the "strep family" once again. I knew they were sick, but it seemed it was only colds/sinus infections, or at least I hoped it was. I have noticed a bit more grumpiness in the house but I was just thinking that all those early mornings and the long days at school were the cause. Not strep. Not again. We just did this. I am so frustrated. What am I doing wrong? Am I a bad housekeeper? Am I a carrier?? What is it about my kids that makes them so appealing to germs? It is embarrassing to be known so well at the doctor's, AND to be called the "strep family" as you are there. You know what really gets to me? I have been sending the kids to school for weeks, not knowing how sick they were. I especially feel bad because one of the moms in the Kindergarten class was just diagnosed with cancer. I am praying that she does not get sick.

I should have figured it would happen to me. I was scheduled to sing this weekend. I have been sick for the last 3 times I was supposed to sing at Church. There must be some sort of jinx.

My mommy guilt is in full swing right now. I am tired, my kids are grumpy, my house is a mess, and my washing machine has been going non-stop for 3 days. I just wish the coughing, crying and whining would stop. I know the rest of the house wants me to stop too. Here's hoping the next week, month, etc brings healthier kids. And mommy.

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