Thursday, August 26, 2010

Family Trip

Our final trip before school starts was a trip to visit family: 2 of Tommy's brothers and their families are stationed together. We had a fantastic trip and I can't believe how well all the cousins got along.
Emma was in heaven with all the girl stuff around at John's house (his are the 3 on the right). Laura wasn't too happy with Luke (in the green) when he took her spot, but we did get all the cousins in one shot. Not great, but we did okay.
Don't look at me, but EunYoung and Amber look great! We even had a girls' afternoon out with a fabulous luncheon that didn't include any chicken nuggets or french fries, but a ladies' tea kind of lunch with strawberry lemonade, 2 kinds of FABULOUS desserts and a wonderful lunch, eaten sitting down. I did apologize to Amber for cutting her food. Force of habit, you know.
I am always happy spending time with family, and we had a blast "Just Dance"-ing and eating. We did a lot of eating. EunYoung and Amber are amazing cooks, and we had a great meal just about every 4 hours. Definitely a great vacation!
I wanted to be sure you could see just how cute Laura is.

John's neighborhood had a great pool within walking distance. We didn't have a life vest for William, and he would just fall or walk into water above his head without missing a beat. He was in his own little world singing songs so he would constantly get water in his mouth when he fell. That boy has no fear in the water. Time to invest in some lessons and a life jacket for that kid!
The twins Jenna and Anna.
Iron Mike and the men: John, Paul, Dan and Tommy.
John is a helicopter pilot and took us to see some on base. One was open so we all got a turn to sit inside and "fly to Mars" as Luke and Patrick said. Mommy and William in a blackhawk.
This one is called an Apache.

My Emma has turned model with the chinook in the background. We did have a *small* incident with this one, involving a door that was opened, and in order to shut it we had someone on top of another's shoulders to get it properly shut. Not that we were doing something we shouldn't have, or anything like that.
Emma latched right on to Uncle John and his girls, and he was so amazing with her even when she was in a bad mood. We woke her up for the helicopters too. :)

Paul ready to help out.
There were some older planes on base as well, and it was cute to watch the kids enjoy getting close and touching and walking under the big planes. William was asleep for this part, and I know he would have been so excited, so I made sure we woke him for the helicopters.

We had such a wonderful time, and can't wait until the next visit!

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KC said...

Iron Mike brings back memories. That was our first duty station. I loved that place but not necessarily the town we lived in.

It looks like you had a great time. How wonderful to be stationed in the same place!

We LOVE Just Dance. It's such a great family game that really gets the heart rate going.