Wednesday, July 21, 2010

San Diego and the Midway

After our great day at Seaworld, we drove to our final destination: Tommy's conference in San Diego. As I was preparing for bed, I realized that we had a balcony. And what a view we had!
All I could think of was that Tommy is going to get to enjoy this view more days than we are, and I was feeling quite jealous. While he checked in for the conference, the kids and I enjoyed a chilly breakfast on the balcony. 8 floors up doesn't seem that high, but it was so lovely!
The kids loved being outside, and we did lose one toy off the edge since they spent most of their time out there. We were able to do a little more sightseeing with Tommy as he skipped, I mean finished his conference early. Our next stop was the Midway.
Now, I am not up on all my history, but I did learn that this was the main place for Operation Desert Storm (there is another name for it, but I can't think of it right now.) It was an incredible tour and even the kids learned a lot!
Patrick peeking out the porthole.
Look at the size of those links for the anchor! This is in the "folksole" or forecastle. Be sure and pronounce it the first way, otherwise they will leave you on a deserted island with only one bullet and no rum. Oh wait, different movie.
Tommy had to do a lot of ducking on the decks and especially going through the doorways with the knee-knockers.
We almost left the kids in the Brig, but Patrick's face was just too sad to leave him there alone with a perky cell mate.
There were all kinds of cockpits for the kids to explore, and we really just wore them out. It was a chilly day, as you can see by the sweatshirts and the wind whipping through the decks.
Old Town San Diego was next for some really neat feel of old west. I kept waiting for John Wayne to come walking out of a saloon or to come through on horseback.
Dinner at a mexican restaurant while we were even seranaded by the Mariachi band! William just loved it!
Our last night in California was a good one, and we really enjoyed our trip. Tommy sent me and the kids home early, and I am pretty impressed that I made it home safely and sanely with all three kids. I wish there was more for me to post about our trip, but this is my final posting on California. We do miss the weather, the family and the fun time we had together, but it is so nice to be home.

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Carole in Wales said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Makes me want to go to San Diego especially for the margarita! (lol) We don't really have those here in the wilds of western Wales!