Thursday, July 22, 2010

My new favorite

While Tommy and I were dating, one of our dates was to see an exhibit of Van Gogh's paintings. It was incredible to see, and I wished I could remember which ones were there. I do remember they seemed rather small, but the colors were just so brilliant. Fast forward to this month. My newest TV show is called "Dr. Who" (yes, I know, it's been around a while) and they had one where they visit Vincent back in time. As I was looking at the paintings, this one caught my eye and I had to look it up. I love the colors in this, the blues are just so beautiful and I love how simple it is, yet so elegant. I don't usually go this crazy over art, but I think I would like to make my master bedroom feel like this painting. We have never painted our vaulted ceiling-ed bedroom, and I was hoping that this year would be the year. I would really love to find a picture in a magazine and say "THAT is what I want" but I have yet to find it. I would love something with a blue and chocolate brown theme, but how to execute it, well, that's another problem.

Any of you artistic, creative types have any suggestions for me??

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Carole in Wales said...

Just keep flipping through the magazines, Fuzzy. That is how I came up with my living room colors. It ended up being different than what I found, but I still loved it!

And I did not think about the Internet. I did not have Internet back then. I bet you could do some searching there as well.

Oh, and we are big Dr. Who fans as well. I remember that show. Incredible that it inspired you.