Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Perhaps I need to lower my eggspectations

We had some great traditions growing up, especially around the Triduum. Easter eggs were never just dyed-oh no, we drew religious symbols on them with crayons, always aiming toward being the best and becoming the "Alleluia egg." I remember pouring over books and each year trying to outdo myself and try something a little harder. Egg dying would last for hours, and as we added more family members it would become a big event on Holy Saturday. We have always had company for egg coloring/dying, but this year it was just us. I was so hoping to make it last a long time, and to get the kids involved, but I think it's going to take a few more years.

I almost blinked and missed it, the kids dyed the eggs so fast. Tommy and I only did one egg each from the 14 that I boiled. The kids were so excited initially, and talked non-stop about doing everything in the Paas box, cutting this out, using this, and ohbythewaymommyhaveyoufinishedthedyeyet? Can we start NOW??

The kid who focused the most was William, but that was only because we had the one egg for him to dye (Tommy drew a monkey and a lion: AKA "oo-aah-aah" and "rawr!" by William).
He loved doing it, and I loved his concentration.

I was thinking maybe I should have boiled more eggs, but then I realized we would have to eat them all, and I'm not sure I can eat quite that many eggs. Of course, when I mentioned that we would be cracking and eating the eggs, the kids were in an uproar. "OH NO! We can't EAT the eggs! Don't mess mine up!!!!"
All in all, we had a good time and it was a fun family event. I think I will have to work a little harder for next year.

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