Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I just love that newborn smell!

I had the honor of holding 2 newborn babies last week. Isn't that the best feeling EVER?!?! They were so snuggly and sweet, and I just can't wait to hold those little babies again. I visited my sister in the hospital and held her 5th child (I got to go all alone because my kids are too young to visit) and see his eyes open on his second day! The other baby we visited as a family, and I just thought it was adorable how sweet all my kids were with her. Emma was such a little mommy, dying to hold her all the time even when she was crying. Patrick was only interested in being close, not holding, and I remember him being the same with William when he was little. William was excited just seeing the baby, and I was happy that he was playing with the big sister and didn't pull her ears or anything.


Carole in Wales said...

They are so sweet, Fuzzy!

Ivey Family said...

That is a good looking baby! must have pretty good genes.