Saturday, December 12, 2009

St. Nicholas Cookies

Christmas season has officially started when the St. Nicholas cookies are baked. The Christmas music is playing (mostly the Bing Crosby White Christmas, j-j-j-j-jingle bells!), snow falling, dough being rolled, cookies cut out, flour flying in the air and the smell of cookies is in the air. I LOVE this tradition!
Patrick doesn't enjoy quite as much as Emma, but he is happy to help, or at least pose for a picture. (oh my, pay no attention to the kitchen in the background)
This is William's excited face. It cracks me up!

The red cutters are the same as my mom has: baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, shepherd, king and angel. Emma kept trying to do a Halloween cookie cutter, since it was mixed in with the others. I had to explain that we will use that another time, and we need to stick to Christmas themed. She is such a good helper.

(on a side note, I love baking on my Stoneware, because I can't burn the cookies if I forget them!) We have tons of cookies, and if you stop by, we are happy to share! ;)

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