Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend doings

We had a busy weekend! Saturday we attended a picnic for my high school at Burke Lake Park, which included an outdoor Mass and play time for the kids. There were quite a few people there, but only one other person from my graduating class. The kids played on the playground and slept on the way home. Our next stop was the Reynolds-tribe home, where the kids got to spend time with Grandma, Grandpa, and the Pattersons: Uncle Barry, Aunt Chrissy, Lynsey and Mac. Steak, crabs, my yummy salad, and family time. It was a great end to a beautiful day! (wished I'd brought my camera)

Sundays are a wonderful family day for us. We almost always get to see both sets of grandparents, as well as my sister and her family at 10:3o Mass. It is usually followed by a delicious lunch at Tony's, but more important than the food is the company. My kids love to spend time with their cousins and I love that we live so close to family. We are so blessed!

Today was an extra special day for Tommy. He was asked by our pastor to be an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist, and today he was being officially instituted as such. Our family time was increased by a visit from our Alexandria family: Hayley, Alex and Uncle Jimmy. They joined us for a lunch and were even able to come over for a time to play. It always makes Emma happy to have some girl cousins come over, since there are mostly boys on my side of the family.
We took this opportunity to take a family photo (thanks, Dave!) and my favorite didn't quite fit the header.


Anonymous said...

Tell Emma Mr. Matt likes her pearls.

Mary said...

I have that dress in pink!