Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pink morning!

Emma is a girly-girl, through and through. Just like her mommy. :) She is so excited for dress up, painting (toes, paper), coloring, make-up and just about anything else you think of when you think "girl". I decided we would do a little girly time this morning (with the baby) and go get our toenails painted. I didn't tell Emma, and hoped she would enjoy it.

We arrived at the shop before it opened, and waited until the workers came, late (20 minutes). As we walked in, I asked Emma what she thought we could do here. She asked "can we get our toes painted?" I nodded and showed her to the polish colors. She was so excited by all of it! I hoped we would pick the same one, but the ladies showed her a bubble gum pink color, and she was sold. I wasn't, so I picked something a tad more mature. I could tell by her face that she was happy, and she didn't ask as many questions as I thought she would, so I think she was enjoying it.

William was a bit fussy, so it was a little harder for me to enjoy at the end. There was a lady getting a pedicure (oh how I LOVE those) and Emma was a bit skeptical about her choice of color. In the end, we had a good time, and our toes are pretty (well, hers are) and we feel summer ready!

It was really nice to have time with Emma.
She kind of gets swept aside being in the middle of the boys in our family as well as with all the cousins that live around us. She is such a great helper, and knows where everything is/goes. There is a stubborn streak that needs to be directed, but when she makes up her mind to do something (with or without permission) she is detirmined and will do it well. I LOVE hearing her sing; she does it all day long. She asks such inquisitive questions and is so perceptive about people (and their size, hair color, clothes, toys, etc.). When we are at a playground, she will come back to me in the first 5 minutes knowing everyone's names and ages. I wish I was as sociable and friendly to people I don't know (what's that line from Pride and Prejudice? "I have not that talent of coversing easily with others"). I hope we have many more girly days together!

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