Sunday, June 7, 2009

Basketball camp

It was a hit! Patrick has finished his first camp ever, and he really enjoyed it. 5 days of drills and skills, bouncing and shooting balls with 5-8 year old boys sounds like fun for any little boy. I tried to go and watch a few times, but I noticed that he did better when he couldn't see me. It was a whole new experience for him to actually go and try to do all these things. He has been to many George Mason basketball games and knows how to follow all that's going on. But to go on the court, dribble a ball, even 2? That can be tough. I know he has a little of his mommy in him, and some days I could tell he just wanted to do it right. If he couldn't, I know it would frustrate him and he would give up a little easily, but Coach VW was so great, and the boys he had helping him assured me that Patrick did well and wasn't disrespectful (thankfully), but just didn't want to try sometimes. I know we will try again next year!
I do know he had a good week. How do I know? Because he talked about it non-stop, and he was playing it all the time: while he was getting dressed, brushing his teeth, in the basement-all pretending. We did pull out the basketball hoop in the basement (much to mommy's "no balls in the house" rules' chagrin) and let him play. He could tell me all the names of the drills and how to do them. My mother told me that Patrick talked her ear off about the camp, so that makes me feel better too. My nephew was also there (it's his second time - he's really good out there!) and he was helpful to Patrick during the drills.
Tommy's game was soccer in school, and I think come the fall we will try that sport. Hopefully, Patrick will be ready for some more "skills and drills" come soccer season.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! My Calvin came home talking to me about a Patrick last week at camp, but he didn't know his last name? Do you think it was yours? It was fun!


Maryan said...

Hey Fuzzy!! Can you tell I've been away from blogs?? I missed that you started one!! Yay! And I'm glad Patrick liked camp. :)