Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My ideal superhero: Elastigirl

When I got pregnant with Emma, Patrick was only 6 months old. We needed a second crib to put the next baby in, and it was a "grow with me" kind of crib. We thought it would last us quite a while, converting to a bigger bed as she grew. Last year, this "long-lasting" crib was recalled. We literally had to take everything apart and send in the pieces. The company gave us a voucher for a new crib, and we were excited with the new purchase for William. He is a great sleeper, and does really well in his crib.

William is almost 10 months old. He is pulling up on everything. Time to move the crib down. Only problem with that? I can't slide the side of the crib down to get him out. The new crib does not allow the side to slide once it reaches the lowest setting. I am just too short for this crib, and in the middle of the night he sometimes scoots over to the far edge. I'm sure if anyone could see me, it would look a little like I'm trapped, arms draped over the edge of the crib, my legs dangling on one side, reaching and trying to pull the baby closer to me. I am just hanging there, trying to get him closer. He doesn't understand, so he is crying and flapping his arms, sitting in the corner and trying to figure out why mommy won't pick him up. I just wish at those 2 AM feedings that my arms could just extend a little bit to reach him. I think I would even just send my arms in to get him one of these nights.

Perhaps I need a stool? Sigh.

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