Sunday, February 28, 2016

On of the Nicest Birthdays I have had in a Long Time!

Lent birthdays are never easy.  Lent birthdays on a Friday are even harder.  Add to that a husband leaving with the oldest and it makes it just another day.  This year, I decided to change it up.  I have discovered a clothing company that does online and home parties.  I LOVE these clothes!  They are modest, cute, and comfy, and have opened up the world of leggings, which, yes, aren't technically pants, but oh, so soft!  The company is called LuLaRoe, and they are known for their unique prints.  I decided to have a home party with some friends to see if they would share the love and fun with me. 

3 racks of clothes: shop and bring home!  I was absolutely thrilled with how many ladies came, and stayed late. 
 My friend Carol made special birthday drinks, and we all socialized until almost midnight. 
I also had a sweet friend (on the left) make my favorite cake for me!  It was DELICIOUS, and one that I would never make just for me. 

Happy 36th to me!  I couldn't believe how many ladies came, enjoyed themselves and even came bearing gifts!  I am so grateful for them all, and I think I may make it a tradition to do this again!  (Should I admit that I will be going to another party in a week? :) 
Emma and I wore our goodies on Sunday.  I loved that even Emma can share in the fun, and be modest and ladylike.
James just wanted to be with everyone, so this is where I found him at the end of the party.  I just feel so blessed! 

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