Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What We Are Doing Wednesday

Christmas is away, midterms for Patrick are over, and school is almost back in the groove again.  I am grateful!  Some mornings, I was dropping off kids at 3 different times, at 3 different places.  I am glad to be back in the sort of routine that we were in.  I haven't done an update on our home and who is doing what, so today is a What are we Doing Wednesday.

Lucy is just so cute.  She walks all over the house, making a mess, learning words, and just being as sweet as possible.  She says lots of words, including one that sounds awfully like "Stinky" when I ask her if she is!  She has a different relationship with each child, and usually will only go to Emma from my arms.  I love the sweet voice she has, and the love and excitement she has each day.  It is truly a light in the day to be with her!  Some days, Tommy will take her to his workout class with him, just so the people there can enjoy her too!  I would love for her to say "Mommy" at least once, but I do LOVE the "Daddy!" when she hears the garage open, and he comes in the door.  If you make kissing noises, she will lean her head in so you can kiss her.  She blows kisses, says "Jesus" and waves "Da-die!"  Her words are "HI!", "Uh-oh" "this?" "eeese!" We are trying to get her to sign "more" and "all done" but we can only get the "more." 

Right before Thanksgiving, James began an atrium class, level 1.  I was so thrilled that he is able to enjoy this at his age.  This is such a calm, beautiful environment and I know that he would really benefit from doing something away from mommy, bringing him closer to Jesus, and learning.  He has just blossomed in his writing skills, and loves to write, draw, and is constantly asking me, "Mommy, how do you spell....?"  He has already brought home some projects home, using scissors and glue! 

William is going to receive his first Reconciliation very soon!  I am hoping we are going to enjoy the fruits of another person receiving graces!  He is a Wolf Scout this year, and may even get to go to Camp this summer with other cub scouts.  He is definitely growing up, in attitude and perspective.  I know if I can point his passion in the right direction, he will go towards Heaven and Jesus always.  He has to want to do it, and I am still learning how to help him stay on track.

Emma had a birthday over the vacation, and had some sweet girls over to do nails (have you heard of Jamberry??) and cake.  It was small, as we had 2 girls unable to come, and I am not the most exciting game planner.  Each girl had a very sweet gift for my girl, geared towards her love of reading, chap stick, drawing, and writing.  It was very sweet!  She is part of the Squire Roses, Schola and battle of the books at school.  She is tall, and no, not taller than me.  She has started borrowing my scarves, and even wanted to copy an outfit I was wearing!  I know there will come a time when she does NOT want to do that, but it tickled me. 

Patrick is doing incredible at school.  He just finished up a Sea Perch competition for Junior High and his group came in 10th overall.  Super proud of him!  Sea Perch is an underwater robot that the boys build and work on together.  He just finished his first set of Mid Terms at school, and though I freaked out each day, I think he probably did very well.  I always stressed about those, but that is not in his nature.  Part of the joys of being a mother, I guess.  I do the worrying enough for everyone.  Boy Scouts will be a big year, as he was voted in to be the Assistant senior patrol leader.  In other words, he is the guy helping the guy in charge.  It is really important that a lot of this is boy led, (though sometimes I wonder if they want to be led by the boy who forgets his sleeping bag when he goes on a camping trip!?).  He went camping this past weekend, and juuuust missed the incredibly cold temperatures we began having this week, as our countdown to some snowfall that they are measuring in FEET comes down.



Lisa said...

Heidi hasn't signed much either (the same two) but sure let's us know when she's done. :)
And James is so cute- where does he do his atrium class?

Fuzzy said...

Lisa, Monica (Haggerty) Kelly teaches it at the Renaissance Montessori! They opened it up close to Thanksgiving and I was thrilled when he made it. I think it's registration time if you wanted to try for next year!