Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree!

You know how often God provides?  Every.single.time.
Our pre-lit Christmas tree has been less than willing to light up each year, without much coaxing.  We were gifted a new to us artificial tree, 9 feet high!  In our two-story living room, it fits in perfectly!  Tommy provided new lights for the tree, that change from white to color.  It is awesome!  I like the mixture of the colors and white, but Tommy is a white light fan.  So, we compromise!  We let it change!  I promise I will share photos of the tree at all stages.  It is neat to see! 
I love the "trimming of the tree" time in our home.  My little elves are just so sweet and helpful! 
Can you see how tall the tree is, compared to Tommy?  He is even on his toes to fill in the gaps with ornaments!  As my friend Lisa said, the line from the Advent Carol "People Look East" says to make your house fair as you are able.  With 5 kids, I take that line very literally!
And Lucy enjoyed the ones that had a bell.  She got into the Jingle Bell spirit. 

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