Monday, October 19, 2015

Congratulations, Mary and Ryan!

Mary and Ryan (aka #maryan2k15) are married! 
 All my boys cleaned up really nicely, and James was very proud of "his bow." 

 William and the flower girl, Laura.  The two of them are always together when we have a family event.
 Congratulations to the beautiful couple!
 We all had an amazing time, and the kids danced until they told us we had to go home.
I can't get over how grown up Emma looks. 
 We were missing some family members, some far away, and some staying home to care for a sick child, but the weather held for the outdoor reception at the winery, and I was super proud of my family.
 My husband cleans up extra well too.  Isn't he the handsomest in his tux?
This is just one of the many times we had kids on the dance floor, and they were whip nae nae - ing.  I was too.  :)

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