Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lucy at 10 months!

 Oh, this month has brought some really exciting things for my girl!  She is sleeping in another room (hooray!), and will put herself to sleep for naps and bedtime! 
 This walker has been so perfect for our busy household.  She can get all around our main level and keep up with all the kids in each area.  And she can fit around the island in the kitchen to get underfoot and nip my ankles and toes while I cook.  This is our first child to use one, since we used to have mostly carpet and open staircases.  I just love it!
And she has started to reach out for things, and start to point towards things and people that she wants.  She will still smile at strangers, and turn her head down shyly when the moment catches her.

 Can you see the adorable little pony tail/almost whale spout?  Putting the hair out of her face makes her look so old!
 Her noises are still "dadada" and a little bit with the "mm" sound.  She loves her siblings, and lights up when they are near.
I found a baby picture of me that is just so Lucy, and I just love when I can see the resemblance in my children!  Though, when I post photos to Facebook of my Emma, it automatically tags me when it sees her.  Not quite sure how I feel about that yet!

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