Saturday, July 25, 2015

What Happened While the Boy Scouts Were Away

I have to mark this time. It was a week.  One whole week while the boys were at camp.



Seriously!  Nothing broke, no ER trips, no leaky ceiling, nothing.

I canNOT believe it.  We did okay without the big guys! 

Well, when I say okay, I mean those big things.  I admit that I ran on VERY little sleep, due to the fear that every.single.noise was an intruder in my home, or that if I turned the TV off those noises would be even worse.  That's normal for when the hubs is gone. 

But really?  I'm so happy!

We had some important items, like dental cleanings and discovery of some cavities on James (grr) but we had lovely weather, and the kids were so good!

The sprinkler came out some days, which always takes some convincing to play in, and when it's time to come in, it is always too soon.

 We also put out the slip-n-slide, but we haven't mastered the actual "slide" part.  Maybe because our water pressure wasn't right, and mean mommy didn't put it on a hill.

 The end was a perfect little pool for Lucy and she loved the splashing!
We had a PERFECT day with low humidity (a rarity for Virginia) and we went to the mini-golf course.  This course has been around since before I was in middle school.  But the kids loved it. So patient, great at taking turns, and James just wanted to be sure he was "on the right side?" to do proper stance.

 I was also proud that I was able to get them all out together, and no fights, good fresh air, and they slept so well that night!
 We had Tiger with the good short game (James), Emma with the good at getting it on the green, and Phil Mickelson with the southpaw shots. 
Thanks to some gift cards, that was FREE, and we also had some ice cream gift cards (SCORE!). 

 The ice cream place is on a very busy road, and the kids played the game from "Up." 
Cars, that is.
It wasn't much, but we enjoyed the time we had together.  And, it was a big deal for me to do this with them.  Maybe I'll even attempt a day trip with all 5!!  LOL

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