Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lucy is 9 months!

 I have come to realize that the meaning of Lucy's name is oh-so appropriate. This little Light has been such a joy!  She loves her siblings, and even gets excited when her big brothers come around to play.  She knows that William will always give her lots of attention, and her eyes light up when he comes near.  James gets too near and she will pull his glasses every time. 
9 months has brought some really fun times!  Her cousins absolutely doted on her when they were in town.  She rode her first swing!  Lots of vocalization, especially when her big brothers will echo her every sound.  Our car rides sound like they have 5 Lucys.  James is especially good about asking "is Lucy allowed to have this?" as he holds up a toy/object.  I love that helpfulness!
 The legs start kicking when she gets really excited.
She is ready for the next steps: see her sitting on her legs?  Oh boy! 
Uncle John got the honor of a snuggle and a nap when he arrived.  He said it was just because he looks like Tommy, but I think differently. 
She has started to crawl, and in even since this video, she has gotten much better!  She is almost on all fours, and has gotten quicker.  I'm almost ready to put out the play yard, so she can stop getting into trouble.  It's amazing what she finds on the floor!  
We love our Lucy! 

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Marcia said...

A lot of love going around there!