Tuesday, March 31, 2015

7 Quick Takes: January, February and March

Well hell-O, dear blog readers!  My dear, sweet readers that will be patient with me.  I am so excited to put my fingers to the keyboard tonight and give you a snippet of the happenings here in my world.

1. I'm sure you are all checking in to see the latest Lucy sweetness, and I won't disappoint.  Lucy is still smiling and loving to each person she meets, and has not decided to roll over yet.  She will, however, do crunches. Long, long crunches.  She will lie on the floor while I am exercising and do this.  Almost the whole time.  This is a moment in time, but it is not untrue!
 Five months have flown by, and she is the first baby that is actually in clothes that are near her size.  Little dainty flower we have. 
2. Scouts!  William just received his Tiger badge (one thing I figured out, the boys get the badge after the year is over.  Go figure.  They gotta earn it first).
We also had the Blue and Gold Banquet and I tried my hand at some creative cake decorating.  It was Space themed, and I attempted the moon.  I am not trying to start a business anytime soon. 

3. Sensory bins.  I have always wanted to have something like this for the kids to play with, and I threw some things in a bin, and apparently it seems that all the kids enjoy it.  ALL  On the deck, in the house, I love it.  It keeps them so occupied, and the sound of the scooping and digging is so fun.

4. Bubble machine.  Best $8 ever spent.  I love bubbles, but I can't ever blow enough to make it fun.  We have been taking care of Tommy's nephew about 2 days a week.  He is about a year and a half, and the cutest little stinker.  James loves having him here and it's so special to get to have this time.
5.  Baby's first Ash Wednesday!  Lent has come, and gone, since I am tardy to the party, but we had our Lucy's first ashes, and our first protest of the ashes from James.  I was NOT prepared for the screaming at Mass that we have had with James.  I am grateful that my arms are strong enough to carry the both of them in those moments.

I love firsts!  This boy pulled out his own tooth in the morning, as you can see he is all packed and ready to go to school.  He pulled it out all on his own.  The earliest teether in the house, so he is the youngest to start losing his teeth.  Very exciting!  Now, if only the tooth fairy can get on her game to be sure he doesn't lose the tooth fairy excitement.  They were just learning about the tooth fairy at school too.  According to William, she leaves a toy (!!) in place of the tooth.  Nope, sorry.  This fairy doesn't take the teeth and leaves a dollar. These kids are rich, in my opinion. 
7.  Snow! Our January, February, AND some of March has had snow.  We had about 13 snow (some not so snowy) days, and thankfully don't need to make up any days for the year. 

 There was one really big snowfall which gave us a 4 day weekend with Daddy, and was so needed!  Sledding, movies, and family time are always nice to have.  The kids all enjoyed hot chocolate after the sledding and shoveling, and I was happy to oblige.  Too cold for Lucy (and me!  Emma wears my boots, and I don't have any pants to go out in either.  Pretty soon she will be taking my coats and gloves.)

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